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Friday, January 5, 2018

New Found Blogs

The Following Are All Known New Gay Blogs/Web Sites that are giving Blogging a try.  Here you will find what I'm finding on the Net NOT as a Re-Opened Blog nor a Blog/Web Site that is currently Supporting this Blog, but with the hopes that by listing them here that just maybe they will become a permitted Supporter and then you will find their listing in the Supporter Section of this Blog.  So please keep in mind that all Blogs/Web Sites listed here are only going to be listed here for 30 Days, after that they will be removed so I highly recommend that you visit this Section has often as you can.  Hoping you enjoy this newest Section of this Blog since it was opened in 2009 along with the Re-Opened Section And Supporter Section opened in 2011 & 2012!!!  I know if Jeff were still with us, He sure would have!!!  (Love Ya Buddy and I Sure Do Miss You).
Your Links Are Only Going To Be
Here For (30) Days From When Added!!!

So if You want Your Blog/Web Site Link to become a permitted part of this Blog then you must become a Supporter of this Blog by doing any of the following!!!
  1. Either Adding Our Blog to Your Blog List using Our Blog Name:  Google Blogger Closes Gay Blogs and the address is: http://googlebloggerclosesgayblogs.blogspot.com/ to Your Blog Role for Us and then We Will Add Your Blog/Web Site To Our 2nd Section of Blogs/Web Sites that Are Supporting Us Here.  And at any time in the future that You would like to be Up-Graded to Level #1 then..
  2. Or If you prefer to have a top priority listing with Us in Our 1st Section, then either add Our Colorful "COUNTER OF SHAME" by clicking (Here) and then following the instructions, if you have any problems or questions with this, just let us know, We will be glad to help You install it.  Or By Adding A Special Link To Us by using any of the Photos On Our Blog and Make it a click-able Photo to Our Bog with some kind of a description of what We Are All About, this while also get Your Blog/Web Site a top priority listing here with Us.
  3. Then Simply Notify Us by sending an e-mail to bloggerclosegayblogs@gmail.com and including Your Blog(s) Name(s) and address(s).  We will then verify Your addition(s), and then We will list Your Blog/Web Site in the proper level of support In Our Supporter Section. TA DA!!! Your done!!!

And with all this said, here is what I have found so far...

New Found Gay Blogs/Web Sites, From The Oldest To The Newest

A NOTE HERE: WOW!!! Blog Fans did you notice how many of ALL THESE NEW BLOGS above are NOT being hosted by GOOGLE??? I sure did and I'm guessing what Jeff set out to do back in August 2009 and that was to tell the world that Google Blogger is NOT the best place to Blog is finally being realized by Oh SO MANY NEW BLOGGER'S NOW!!! Sure is a good feeling knowing that all the work that Jeff did and what I have done and continue on doing is paying off!!! There just maybe a DAY not so long in the future that there are not anymore Gay Blogs to be Removed By Google, for they will ALL BE BLOGGING some where else!!!